Editing and Manuscript Development

Editing. It’s a scary word. You’ve crafted the perfect manuscript and then someone who’s never met your characters is going to rip it all to shreds? I don’t think so. Sorry. This book is mine.

Yes. Your manuscript absolutely is yours, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made better. Maybe it’s double checking those pesky little commas that always seem to crop up in the wrong place. Maybe it’s taking out passive verbs. Or maybe you’ve got some structural issues that are keeping your manuscript from turning into the best-seller it’s meant to be. Whatever your particular needs, PageCurl’s editing team can help. We offer a wide variety of packages. Are you a grammar ninja who wields the semi-colon like a pro, understands the difference between an em-dash and a hyphen, and has a thesaurus implanted in your brain? Well, then perhaps you’ll want a proofread. Are you more concerned with telling a kick-butt story than dotting those i’s and crossing those t’s? Well, then maybe you’ll be interested in a full developmental edit. Are you developing your very first novel and want help figuring out a sticky plot point or two? Perhaps a plot consultation is more up your alley.

Whatever services you need, we’ll work with you to design the perfect package.

Manuscript Development and Plot Consultation

Do you have an idea for an awesome story but you’re stuck on one or more plot points? Maybe you don’t know how to get your villain from Point A to Point Z. Maybe you don’t want him or her to have to resort to monologuing, but you’ve still got to explain their motivation. Or perhaps your heroine started to really bug you halfway through your writing and you can’t figure out how to wrangle her back into line. We can help. We’ll read through your outline or your entire draft and give you between three and five pages of feedback that you can use to produce the best novel possible. Or, if you don’t have a draft yet and you need help figuring out your outline, then we can set up a Skype session where we’ll help you sketch out your tension points and major plot points so you can write like the wind.

Prices range from $150-$300 depending on length of manuscript and number of back and forth rounds.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is the big one. We’d love to insist that every single independent author have a full developmental edit on their book before it’s released. But let’s be honest, developmental editing isn’t cheap. Still, we offer several different packages so you can pick and choose how best to spend your money. Our professionals offer a free sample edit of up to 2,000 words. We believe this is important so you feel comfortable with your editor. After all, you’re handing over your literary baby. We’re going to be strict with you, but we’re also going to be kind. We look for grammar issues, word choices, phrasing, plot holes, and plot enhancements. And our editing doesn’t stop with the first pass. We’re here for you while you incorporate some (or all) of our recommended changes.

Prices start at $0.0135 per word. 

Contact us for a detailed quote.

Line Editing

Line editing is the nitty-gritty detail work that makes a manuscript shine. A line editing package won’t spend a lot of time analyzing plot (though if you have a plot hole the size of the Coliseum, we’re going to mention it). Instead, we’ll focus on word choice, sentence structure, tension, and, of course, grammar and punctuation. A line edit will tell you what chapters start to fall flat and need more description, or where you’re spending too much time with the setting and not enough time with the action or the dialogue.

Prices start at $0.015 per word.


Are you in the final stages of polish? Do you need someone to give your manuscript one last look to verify that you haven’t used the wrong version of lay/lie or their/there? Our proofreading services offer a complete grammar check. We’ll make sure that when  your manuscript returns to you, it’s as clean as the driven snow.

Proofreading is a fixed price of $0.005 per word. 

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