Let’s get this party started!

Welcome to PageCurl Publishing and Promotion! The first blog post is such a special time, isn’t it? Everything is all shiny and new, full of possibilities, and you feel like you can take on the world.

We’re excited to get to know you. Samantha and I, along with the rest of the PageCurl team, believe that a company started by authors, for authors, is uniquely qualified to help take the scary out of publishing and make your book a success. There’s more than that, though. We want to make YOU succeed. Once your book is published, you’ve become something more. You’ve become an author, and an author is a brand. There’s a secret to book success, and it’s (are you listening closely? This is a secret after all) that there is a direct correlation between book success and author brand success. We understand this relationship because we live it. I’m a self-published author and Samantha is a hybrid. No, that doesn’t mean she’s some sort of cyborg, though with the amount of work she does in a day, that might be a safe assumption. A hybrid author (or a hybrid publisher) is one where the author does a lot more of the work than in traditional publishing, but not as much as they’ll do in self-publishing.

We started PageCurl because we were often frustrated with how hard it is to find quality editing, cover design, and marketing help for a reasonable price. I’ve seen editors charge as much as $0.05/word and cover designers charge up to $1000 for a print-ready cover. As a self-published author who finances her books herself, there’s no way I can afford those prices, but I still want to put forth a quality product.

Enter PageCurl. We want to work with you to design packages with the services that you need (and leave out the ones you don’t). Are you a grammar ninja? You can hire us to do a detailed developmental edit without focusing on the nitty-gritty details like commas and hyphens. Or perhaps you live on Twitter, but hate Facebook. Our team can set up your Facebook presence and manage it for you so you don’t have to.

Whatever it is you need, we can help. Don’t know what you need? We can help with that too! We’ve got detailed checklists crafted from years’ of experience. Our team consists of marketers, editors, proofreaders, designers, formatters, and web developers. We can build your website, edit your book, format it, publish it, and then sell it – leaving you with more time to do what you love: write.

Grab a cup of coffee and look through our site. Make sure to sign up for our emails and get free editing, designing, marketing, and publishing tips and tricks delivered to your inbox. Let’s kick-start our newly founded friendship and connect on Facebook and Twitter while we’re at it. You never know where we’re going to be posting/sharing something useful. Lastly, tell your friends about us. We’d love to get to know and help all of you, in any way we can. Our dream was to craft stories and publish them. Now it’s your turn to reach your dream.

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