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You know how minutes melt into hours and then days and months at a time seem to fly by? You’re left wondering ‘where has the time gone’ and if there’s a way to get it back? There is, but we wince at the method. It’s the second you hand over your literary baby to your editor. That agonizing moment in time that freezes and you could – if you wanted to – count the individual fibers on your sweater because the world has somehow stopped spinning. That’s what it feels like anyway, and we know, it’s terrifying.

Our editors understand this. They’ve been there, so they sympathize, and they want to make this process as comfortable and easy as they can. Yes, you’re still handing your literary baby over to someone who might rip it to shreds, but that’s only if it’s absolutely necessary to make it shine even brighter, and you do want it to shine even brighter, right? So we won’t promise not to work your book over hard, because that’s the best we can give it after having you put in the blood, sweat, and tears to write it. Still, we do this with respect, and we do it while talking with you and helping you to understand the “why” behind our recommendations.

We believe that the relationship between an author and their editor is a special one. You need to trust that your editor is going to respect your work while doing what needs to be done to make it shine and we will work hard to earn your trust. Our professional editors offer a wide variety of packages including editing, proofreading, and manuscript development. For more information, see Editing Services.


Did you know that as an author, you are now a brand? Yes, you. Our marketing team is dedicated to not only launching and promoting the heck out of your books, but also working with you to build your brand into something amazing. Ever hear of the importance of having an author platform? Turns out those rumors are true, and you need an author platform – aka a branded online presence – before marketing your books can ever be truly successful. Marketing at PageCurl isn’t just launching a new book, though we certainly rock at that, but it’s helping you understand blogging for your brand, navigating the murky waters of social media, connecting with bloggers and reviewers, offering a helping hand at answering fan mail, or organizing your schedule once you’re big and famous. Our marketing team can be your turn-key solution for marketing and promoting yourself and your books through short-term actions or long-term solutions. We want to chat with you so we can recommend a customized package to fit your needs. For more information, see Marketing Services.


People are hesitant to admit that they judge books by their covers, but it’s the hard truth. The laws of attraction have never been so cut-throat as they are for today’s authors, especially in a world where eBooks are so wildly popular and with hundreds of new ones available every day. Our cover designers are avid eBook readers and design junkies. They know the pesky rules most designers forget about when designing a cover that will most likely be judged and purchased at a thumbnail size.

While our designers try to knock it out of the park on every first try, we know that practice makes perfect, and you may need to work out a few concepts before striking cover design gold. We’re okay with hard work, because hard work pays off. We want you to walk away with the best darned cover you could have ever imagined and nothing less than exceeding your expectations.

Our designers aren’t just available to make your book cover sparkle, but they also work closely with our marketing team to help produce your book trailer, your teaser graphics, your website graphics and any other type of book graphics you might need to promote your book and yourself. PageCurl is a team effort across the board and our team is ready to work for you. For more information, see Cover Design Services.

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