PageCurl isn’t your standard publishing company. We’re interested in quality books from quality authors. We don’t have quotas and we promise a quick two-week turnaround to any query.

Submission Requirements

If you have a book you’d like us to publish, send us an email with your blurb, links to your author platform, and the first two chapters of your manuscript for review.

Once we receive that, one of two things will happen.

  1. If we love your first two chapters, we’ll request a full manuscript.
  2. If we don’t love your first two chapters, we’ll send you an email with an explanation of why. You won’t get a standard “it’s just not for us” response here.

Unlike a lot of the big publishing houses, we don’t choose our manuscripts based on storyline. We choose them based on quality. If your book is well written and well edited, we’ll probably accept it. And if it’s not, then we’ll offer you the chance to fix any issues (hey, we can help with that…check out partners, The Novel Fixer) and resubmit it.

We offer a generous royalty percentage to our authors as well as marketing support. You’ll receive:

  • A two or three pass editing package (depending on the state your manuscript is in)
  • A beautiful book cover
  • A marketing package for each book (pre-, during, and post-launch)
  • Detailed sales reports from all of the major ebook vendors

We will consider almost any book for publication. We have a few types of books we won’t publish.

  • Books that exploit women, children, or any racial, social, or sexual group
  • Books that fall under the category of “extreme rape erotica.” Yes, it’s a thing and we won’t publish it.

If you’re interested, email us with your blurb and the first two chapters of your book and let’s talk!

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