We love our clients. Here are a few things they’ve had to say about us recently.

PageCurl Publishing and Promotion is a dream come true for an indie author like myself.

Marketing wise, Samantha gave me advice on making my website more user friendly, taught me how to create a teaser with a call to action, walked me through how to host an author cover reveal party on Facebook, and showed me how to create release day events and giveaways as well as enhance my blog.

Editing and Formatting is always tough on indie authors, but PageCurl made it easy and affordable. Patricia took her time giving thoughtful and encouraging comments on my work, making suggestions for changes as well as providing life long lessons on grammar and what things to remember on a regular basis when writing. The process was amazing and my writing has grown in leaps and bounds because of what I learned during editing. I know I’m on the path to becoming a better writer for having worked with her. She formatted my story for ebook and print beautifully and her attention to detail was flawless.

Cover Design and graphics can be tricky and sometimes hard to translate what an author wants (even if she/he has no idea) to the designer. Melody was able to take the blurb from my book and translate it to a beautiful cover. I had a clear idea of what I wanted and amazingly enough, when I saw her first mock up, I thought she had somehow climbed into my brain to retrieve it. She was able to make some tweaks to coloring and images and in the end I knew I had found my new cover designer for my writing life.

PageCurl promotes authors daily with their, Teaser Tuesday and Writer Wednesday posts, as well as other prompts to list current samples of work with the intent of introducing authors to new readers. These posts on their Facebook page are completely free to participate in. I love their blog posts as well which are always full of useful information on writing, editing, publishing, etc.

Now, self-publishing is not scary at all with these ladies on my team. In fact, it’s exciting.

-Jennifer Senhaji, Sweet Dreams


PageCurl is a godsend. I had both Patricia and Samantha help with a short story that was part of an anthology. Patricia thought me things I didn’t know and went to explain all the areas I could improve in. Constructive criticism is always welcomed when you are trying to become a better writer.
Samantha is sharp and I absolute love how she is able to market and put that into understandable plan.

I love these ladies and I believe if you need help with your writing. PageCurl is the way to go.

Kay Blake

Working with PageCurl on a multi-author Facebook promotion was a huge success. Samantha was there every step of the way, with what to post and how to interact and what gifts to offer. She followed through to the happy end. I felt like the readers who found me were the kind who might stick around because they were truly passionate about reading, not just winning a prize. I would definitely work with PageCurl again.
Gretchen Galway

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